New Place, New Sewing Space!

Hello there!

Sorry it’s been a while! If you had asked where I’d be now after my last post I would have thought my stays AND shift and petticoat would be done by now. But… we moved to a new apartment! It was stressful and wallet-draining (what move isn’t?) and all sewing had to be pushed aside. Or rather, boxed up.

We had in mind that we might be moving, and then all at once we were looking at new apartments and trying to pack up. I’ll admit that I was having horrible visions of my sewing box getting lost and all my fabric and patterns gone forever. Our movers ended up being amazing… but I still put my sewing machine and stays in our car so I could stop obsessing over their safety lol.

Most of the apartments we looked at ticked off a lot of “must have” boxes, but didn’t have good spot for my sewing table (too small bedroom, weird-shaped living room, etc). I didn’t realize just how much had changed since we moved into our little apartment, our first home as a married couple, six years ago. I didn’t sew yet and we didn’t have money to transform our second bedroom into a music studio/writing retreat like we wanted. And then I got pregnant and we turned it into a nursery!

I started trying to figure out my sewing machine and made do sewing at the kitchen table and rolling up the rug to cut on the living room floor. After a couple years of this not-so-great routine, I came home one day and my husband had rearranged our bedroom! He had previously suggested it, but we had finally put up his guitars on the wall (after literally years of talking about it) and I couldn’t see an arrangement that wouldn’t involve moving them. But now I had a cozy corner of the bedroom with the windows at my back! Yes, the guitars were no longer in an optimal place, but it was very sweet and the layout just made more sense. He even put up a little hook for my cutting board and quilting rulers!

Now that we’ve been moved in for a month and the place is coming together, I’m really itching to set up my new sewing space. Although I do feel like I’ve lost the momentum I had around the holidays. I’m a little nervous to get back into my Outlander project. Not that there’s any pressure beyond my own standards, just feeling rusty.

The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Our new place has two more closets so I decided to turn one into my sewing space/office. Apparently some people call this a “cloffice,” but since that’s an insult to the portmanteau, easily my favorite way we humans invent new words, we will NOT be calling it that. Seriously, sounds like “cloaca”… look it up. And these are not sad, cramped Dursley closets! Here are some very stylish workspaces:


apttherapy yellow home office
AptTherapy bright home office
IKEA Norberg drop-leaf table

I like this set up, but don’t think a drop-leaf desk would be sturdy enough for sewing.

I got rid of my old sewing table (a cheap IKEA computer desk that I’d had since college) and plan on installing a custom desk and shelf above it. There’s already a very high wire shelf, but thankfully I won’t have to remove a hanging rod. It will be nice to not only have sharp things away from little hands (taking the pins out of the tomato is just too enticing, no matter where I try hiding it) but also to simply close the door and hide all the mid-project mess. Because let’s face it, I’m ALWAYS mid-project.
The main design inspiration is my versatile and adorable Kelly green HELMER file cabinet:


And this feminine jewel-toned room:

If only I could afford some Fornasetti or Timorous Beasties wallpaper! But even for a closet it’s $$$. Plus, I’m pretty sure doing wallpaper in a tiny space will make me tear my hair out :/.

Here’s the inspiration for my dream studio (with squirrels, naturally):

1. Bird wallpaper similar to Domino inspiration
2. Rifle Paper notepad
3. Green locker bin (very close match to Kelly!)
4. Squirrel tape dispenser (here and here)
4. Cute storage: purple cork-lid jar, Jadeite-lidded jars
5. Plug-in sconce: white RENARP and  brass swing arm
6. Teagan White Squirrel clock
8. Pretty Pegs table legs with gold top*
9. Kelly (aka my HELMER storage)
10. Acrylic and gold desk set
11. Adjustable MCM swivel chair
12. Mint file and gold cup from Nate BerkusxTarget

*How amazing are these? They work with IKEA or custom table tops!

There are other priorities for the home dec budget, like new dining chairs and paint, but looking forward to making this a special spot. And admittedly, a space where can make it rather girly without any objections! I’d rather take some time to get it right and have all the pieces be things I love, instead of placeholders.



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