About Me


Hi there, I’m Colette! I’m a self-taught sewist trying to squeeze as much fabric as possible into my tiny NYC apartment. I started teaching myself how to sew when I was pregnant in 2012-13 by making small things for the nursery like pillowcases.

Thus began long lists of cute baby and toddler clothing to sew and novelty print cottons to buy. If there’s a squirrel on it, I’ll buy it! I love fabrics from Heather Ross, Lizzy House, Elizabeth Olwen, Melody Miller and the Cotton + Steel ladies, and Sarah Jane. I highly recommend Oliver + S Little Things to Sew as a way to learn and improve your sewing while making adorable things for munchkins.

As far as historical fashion goes, I sigh over Renaissance, Elizabethan, and 18th century gowns and then I dip out until the end of the Edwardian era into the 1920’s. I just can’t get excited about 19th century clothing, with the exception of a few dresses from period films and paintings. I grew up on old musicals and classic films so the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s hold a special place in my heart. Yes, I know those decades are all very different, but you can’t make me choose between Ginger Rodgers and Irene Dunne’s silky bias-cut gowns; Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and Judy Garland in the 40’s; and then Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and all the iconic looks from Edith Head in the 50’s and 60’s!

All photos are mine and credits are given when they’re from outside sources. Permission required to post photos elsewhere (besides Pinterest 😉 ) – just email me.