New Place, New Sewing Space!

Hello there!

Sorry it’s been a while! If you had asked where I’d be now after my last post I would have thought my stays AND shift and petticoat would be done by now. But… we moved to a new apartment! It was stressful and wallet-draining (what move isn’t?) and all sewing had to be pushed aside. Or rather, boxed up.
We had in mind that we might be moving, and then all at once we were looking at new apartments and trying to pack up. I’ll admit that I was having horrible visions of my sewing box getting lost and all my fabric and patterns gone forever. Our movers ended up being amazing… but I still put my sewing machine and stays in our car so I could stop obsessing over their safety lol.



If you’re paying close attention you’ll see that Claire has a set wardrobe in S1, with a few bodices, jackets, stomachers, and skirts being worn again in different combinations. I loved noticing this, and appreciated Terry’s dedication to the character design aspect of film costume. Yes, you could have Cait in amazing new outfits back to back, but realistically how would she have gotten all these new clothes? Claire only has a couple plain stomachers early on, and I remember being distracted noticing she had a new one with some spangly bits and embroidery. “Ooh, where did she get that? Not Mrs. Fitz, she’s been roaming about… maybe in return for helping a sick person?” Haha! Do you get caught up in your own imagined backstory scenes too?


Getting started: the Bum Pad

I want to start off by noting that although I am in awe of completely hand-sewn, historically accurate gowns I will be sewing by machine. I’m only hand sewing where required—mostly because as the mom of a preschooler it would take me years to do this by hand! I would like to wear this before the next Olympics. Or Adele album. Or new Pixar movie—or however you note the passage of time.